Why Buy Ramcat Broadheads?

RAMCAT hits like a ram… cuts like a cat!

The Ramcat fixed blade broadhead is a high performance hybrid fixed blade broadhead with a stealth design. The blades are sharpened both front and rear and will roll forward to cut as the come back out of the target in the rare occurrence you do not get a pass thru shot.  Ramcat broadheads outperform anything on the market in terms of accuracy, penetration and cutting diameter.  The unique deep lobes in the cutting tip create an air foil that helps prevent wind planning for pinpoint accuracy while also providing a hydrofoil effect which forces body mass outward for deeper penetration.
  • 100 grain broadheads have a 1 3/8″ cutting diameter
  • 125 grain broadheads have a 1 1/2″ cutting diameter
  • Drafting technology eliminates wind planing
  • Hybrid hydroshock “cut from the start” chisel tip reduces friction down the arrow shaft allowing maximum penetration
  • No pass through; no problem.  Blades roll forward and create a back cut on their way out.
  • Stealth, cantilevered, offset blade design.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • Field point accuracy & deadly quiet in flight


Ramcat Broadheads along with other industry broadhead and bow accessory manufacturers are having their product (intellectual properties) bootlegged in China and they are being sold on the black market as “real product” when it is a cheap knockoff being sold cheap. Please make sure you are buying our Ramcat Broadheads through an approved dealer and you should ask them to prove it!!! Some people here in the United States are buying these knockoff heads from the black market and then taking photos and Ramcat marketing materials from our website and using this to sell cheap imitations online here in the United States. This is damaging our reputation along with others by these individuals stealing the marketing material and intellectual properties to make a profit on something they do not own.


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