“Dear Brett,
Bowhunt America recently surveyed archery consumers all across the country. Those consumers were asked to answer the question, “What archery products proved to perform the best?” They responded to that question in 25 different archery product categories, awarding honors to candidates as follows:

Gear of the Year Gold Winners—received the most votes
Gear of the Year Silver Winners—received the second-most votes
Gear of the Year Bronze Winners—received a significant number of votes

Congratulations! Ramcat Broadheads has been awarded the following Gear of the Year Award by the readers of Bowhunt America: SILVER, Chisel-Point Fixed-Blade Broadheads

This 2013 Gear of the Year Award represents an outstanding accomplishment. Archery consumers nationwide are applauding your company and your products.

A formal announcement of all Gear of the Year winners was made in a feature article in the Bowhunt America 2012 Whitetail Guide. In that issue, readers saw and read about all of the products they voted to be the Gear of the Year winners for 2013.
Once again, congratulations! The Bowhunt America Gear of the Year Award is a crowning achievement in the area of archery equipment design and manufacturing.”

IN ADDITION, Ramcat has won BEST BUY BRONZE 2012 in Bowhunt America Survey of Archery Dealers Across the Country