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Ramcat Broadheads is constantly adding new photos and testimonials that come directly from you, the hunters.  Continue to check back to see if your photo made our gallery.

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Dan Bayus

We had another successful hunt last night and the Ramcat Broadhead didn't let this PA buck go but 20 yards. Tinemen Devan Dickson executed a perfectly placed head on shot, and it exited out the backside of the deer taking out every vital inside. The blood trail was short but [...]

Joshua Mapes

"Got this fine 5 point yesterday morning. 43 yard shot, Ramcat flew like a dream and fully passed through both shoulders, taking out the heart. 50 yard run maximum and a bloodtrail like no other. Thank you for a great product. Ramcats won't be leaving my quiver." --Joshua Mapes of [...]

Karla Black

Here's a picture of Crossbow Magazine youth staffer, Karla Black. She took this doe on Saturday. Pennsylvania's archery opener. Our crew is headed to Ontario moose hunting now, then to Africa on the 14th then back to the states for several whitetail hunts. Hoping to overload you with lots of Ramcat [...]

Kody Smith

"I just returned from the high country of WY with another great buck. This makes back to back years. The Ramcat once again performed flawlessly. This is a pretty cool picture of the buck I was fortunate to harvest. I also added a few photos of some javelinas a buddy and I harvested earlier this year. Thought you [...]

Doug Wood

My name is Doug Wood and I grew up hunting whitetail’s in western Pa.  I now reside in Abingdon Maryland and I have been shooting Ramcat Broadheads since I can remember. This incredible broadhead shoots like a field point and can do what every hunter asks for…………..Penetration and a great [...]

Tom Lucas

"Thought you might like this picture. I was hunting and took a shot at this doe right at dusk, a small branch that I could not see from my stand strayed the arrow from my aiming point, causing a low hit. As you can see, even though the arrow did [...]


"Here is my 11pt I go last weekend with my 100 gram ramcat.sorry didn't get it on film for your was one of those days with rain. Didn't want camera to get wet..shot him about 60 yards. He ran about 20 feet that was it game over. Thanks for [...]

Adam Hupf

This is Adam Hupf and he killed the state archery record in Wisconsin with this awesome whitetail buck! It scored 191 6/8”! Congratulations Adam and thanks for shooting this record with Ramcat Broadheads! We appreciate it!

Jay Zink

"Thank you for getting your new Ramcat Quiver to me in time for my Montana Elk Hunt.  The quiver worked Great as did your Broadheads as usual. I ended up shooting the Elk back a little too far but your Broadheads gave me a complete pass thru and enough Damage [...]