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Ramcat Broadheads is constantly adding new photos and testimonials that come directly from you, the hunters.  Continue to check back to see if your photo made our gallery.

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Mike Clifford

"The boar was first knocked down at 32 yards with a shot that went right through the right shoulder and actually broke through the left shoulder bone and was sticking out the bone when we skinned the boar.  It was finished off with another shot through the lungs. All of the [...]

Jonathan Macik

"I have emailed you before about the success I have had using your RamCat Broadheads 100gr. Well they struck again on the largest hog I have ever taken. Located 20 miles south of Junction, Texas last night this giant boar (300 lbs.) presented me with a 20 yard 1/4ing away shot [...]


"This was our annual South Texas Bowhunt in Dec 2013.....been using Ramcats since 2010......I have to say I was always a mechanical broad head person.....but the particular ranch we hunt at does not allow I had to find something that I would be confident in....Low and behold I found [...]

Larry Patao

"I shot this boar right in the shoulder. It went thru about 1 1/2" of his shoulder shield, shoulder blade, rib cage, and heart. He ran about 15 yards and went down. Broadhead performed flawless, blades were all intact, it look's as though it didn't hit any bone. Take care [...]

Michael Timmis

"I made it 13 animals with a Ramcat today. We were spot and stalking hogs in a swamp. I got a clean passthrough quartering away at 20 yards on this sow. She didn't go far. Thanks for making the best broadhead in the business." --Michael Timmis

Nathan Roberson

"I was skeptical on the blade design and thickness at first, but after harvesting this 250lb boar all of my fears went away.  I took a quartering shot that broke the opposite shoulder.  I thought the broadhead would be in pieces but it did just what it said.  It diced [...]

Larry & Janine

"Aloha Brett & Chris, It was a great privilege to meet both of you at the World Deer Expo. Here's some picture's of my first Ram Cat experience. I've been hunting hard (spot & stalk) he last couple of weeks, passing on a lot of decent size pigs and finally [...]

Jim Landrum

"As you know I am about as anal about broad heads as a person can get. I have been bow hunting for over 50 years now and your Ram Cat Broad heads are the most awesome broad heads I have ever used. They shoot identical to a field point from [...]

Ryan Weaver

"Boar was a little over 250lbs. Unlike most I don't fear a broadside shot on a hog as long as I've got ramcats on my side. The shot was 25yds and as always it was a smoking complete pass through burying the arrow in the dirt. The track was short [...]

C.L. Lupton

“Brett thank you for taking the time to talk to me about your broadheads. Like I said I have been nothing but impressed with the Ramcats and don’t plan on using anything else. I think that the new design you were telling me about should be the final touch on [...]

Michael Housworth

"Over the past year, I have transitioned to the RamCat Broadhead on an every shot basis after being a true fan of another [unnamed] product for years. The RamCat will provide its own argument for any hunter or archer upon seeing the penetration through anatomically tough species EVERY SINGLE TIME! [...]


"Wanted to send you guys the report on my first ever bow kill. Yesterday I took a hog in Florida, estimated at 180lbs, using a Ramcat 125 grain. I was in a treestand at 24 yards and the Ramcats gave me the accuracy and cutting power to get a complete [...]

Chuck A.

"I recently used your broadheads on a hog hunt where I took a 300 pound hog.  There were 7 hunters and 7 hogs taken that day.  Two were with bows, one with a large caliber pistol, and the rest with shotgun slugs and rifles.  The only hog that died faster [...]

Michael Timmis

"My bow is setup specifically for shooting hogs. I am shooting a 70lb Mathews Z7 Extreme with 30 inches of pull. I am using Easton full metal jacket arrows. My arrows are 525 grams tipped with Ramcats. I was hunting in Labelle, FL when this hog came in. In our [...]

Allen Crane

"I have to say thanks again. It's been a long time goal of mine to take 40 big game animals with my bow before I turned 40 and last weekend I achieved that goal. To make it even more special I took both my son's with me on a hunt [...]

Paul Ruth

"Thanks for sending me your broadheads! I was thoroughly impressed with their performance!! My girlfriend is shooting 44lb and pushed an arrow up to the sketching of a 285lb hog. The only thing that stopped it was the opposite front shoulder which it still push through when the hog fell [...]

Allen Crane

"Well I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to send you photos of my recent hunt. I was fortunate enough to take to pigs and an awesome Corsican ram. I shot them all at about 20 yards and they all died on film not going 10 yards. [...]

Gene Hobbs

"I managed to take a nice 200 lb. wild boar with the Ramcat. I had a complete pass-thru at 33 yards. The boar was facing me slightly quartered. The arrow entered the left side of the front chest cavity, passed through the heart and exited on the opposite side just [...]

Jonathan Macik

"My name is Jonathan Macik and during the summer I purchased a package of your Ramcat broadheads (100gr.) from C&S Archery in Conroe, Texas. They had just recieved your product and I had agreed to help them "field test" the broadheads. I sighted my bow in before a hog hunting [...]

Adam Kloss

"I recently went on a hog hunting trip in Oklahoma.  My whole life I have shot the same brand of braodhead until a friend of mine told me about the Ramcat.  I checked the website out and decided to give it a try.  I was a bit skeptical about changing [...]

Jared Lott

This is Jared Lott with Smacked Outdoors. I just wanted to send you some pictures of what your broad head did to some hogs. We are a hunting show located in South Georgia, and a local bow shop named The Range gave us a pack of your broad heads to [...]

Dennis Hess

"My muley season did not go as planned, one of the worst years for the rut I’ve seen. I held out for the big one that never showed it’s self. I did include a picture of the hog that I got in Florida over Christmas. Your Ramcat head worked perfectly [...]

Melvin Sanchez

"We made it back from a great hunt. "Here are a couple pictures of my Texas Dall Sheep and the hogs that I took. The Ramcats once again out performed all!  Thanks for a great broadhead!" -- Melvin Sanchez | Ramcat Broadheads Prostaffer | 2011 Texas Hunt