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Ramcat Broadheads is constantly adding new photos and testimonials that come directly from you, the hunters.  Continue to check back to see if your photo made our gallery.

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Dennis Britton

"On May 1, 2015 U.S. Crossbow Club Founder / President, Dennis R. Britton harvested this 23 lb. 4 oz./ two 1.25" spurs/ 10.50" beard tom turkey with a Carbon Express Intercept Axon LT crossbow, Carbon Express Blue Steak arrow, Carbon Express lighted knock, a 100 gr. RamCat broadhead, HHA Sports [...]

Tom Klunder

“Turkey was taken at 32 yards and it's the last broadhead I will ever buy. Devastating effects. Thanks Chris. We are in to some pretty great elk so hopefully we will have more photos soon." --Tom Klunder | 2013 Turkey Season

Jeff Bigler

"This is Jeff Bigler, Team RIP Outdoors Pro Staff. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product! A RamCat broadhead helped me take down a nice California gobbler yesterday, on the last day of the season. I made a less than perfect shot on the bird, but [...]

Gene Schang

"Attached is gobbler number two on film for Crossbow Magazine using the Ramcat. The shot was 42 yards and a little low but the big cut of the Ramcat got me this bird. You are more than welcome to use it on your website as well. Just reference Crossbow Magazine [...]

Gene Schang

"Gene from Crossbow Magazine. One final test for the Ramcat for me was trying to shoot one through a gobbler this spring. Well this morning that happened with a 23 yard shot. Gobbler took to the air but crashed to the ground. See the attached picture. A final stamp of [...]

Gary Elliott

"This was my first and with a bow. After sighting in with my field tips I switched over to my Ramcats and found they were shooting exactly where my field tips were. Happy with my setup I headed out turkey hunting. It was sweet scenario, The tom came in just [...]

Greg Nichols

"Wanted to let you know what a great broadhead the Ramcat is. If someone is wanting a fixed broadhead with a great cutting diameter that will fly like a field point this is the one. I shot the turkey at 30 yds and the broadhead performed just as expected. Can't [...]

Jason Michael

"After turkey hunting for nearly seventy days this year I ended up acheiving two records in the turkey world. I shot the most turkeys in one spring recorded by a bowhunter ( 19 Kills) and was also the first bow hunter to complete all four slams in one spring. Having [...]

Eric Grippa

"Hello, I am a PSE pro staffer under Jon Lene. I used a ramcat to put down this gobbler. One of the blades sliced right through his heart. He didn't go 25 yards, complete pass through. What a great flying broadhead. Thanks for making an awesome product." --Eric Grippa | [...]

Wes Brogan

"Well I now can say that your broadheads do fly true and penetrate like no other. It took me a hour to find the arrow after I killed this gobbler that had 2 beards one 11"and one 3" and the hole was very bad looking he ran about 10 yds and started [...]

Kyle Moody

"Shot this Merriam turkey in Nebraska with a bow, no blind using a Ram Cat broadhead. Very impressed with performance; shoots just like a field tip. Thanks for making a great product, I have made the switch to Ram Cat." --Kyle Moody, Fishing Creek Outfitters, Milledgeville, GA